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wismar is an old however living town in which combines in attractive wise historical with modern.
in the “backstein-town” of mecklenburg-vorpommern the medieval plan with road system as well as the accommodation and plots structure remained till this day nearly unchanged. The traditional structural fabric testifies from the political and economic meaning as well as the extraordinary wealth of the lake trade town in the middle- ages. in particular six monumental brick churches visible far away form a unique cross section by the famous sacred architecture of the hanseatic towns in the southern ostsea.

already the affectionately restored town houses, the “water art”, a pump room in the renaissance style in the middle on the marketplace – to one nicest and biggest in the north of Germany, the imposing classicistic city hall, the romanticism of the town harbour with the Poeler Kogge as well as the baroque fortress constructions from swedish time fascinate the visitor.

but also the cultural variety in museums, exhibits, concerts, parties and not least the countless bars, bars and restaurants belong to the unmistakeable atmosphere of the town.

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visit to us in the nice hanseatic town wismar!